Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What I Learnt from Monday till now!

ON 22 September
1.The step to signed up for E – mail address.
- Search in Google with the word “msn”
- Put some details about the user.
- Practice to send an E – mail to another.
- Add contact and grouping an E – mail address.
- Attach file.
- Seven tips for…Seven tips for emaling in English
TIP #1: Keep it short and simple.
TIP #2: Use words you’d use while speaking instead of more formal words and phrases.
TIP #3: Make the subject line clear and useful.
Inquiries / Enquiries
Thank you
Help me / Request
Exercise1/ Reading 1TIP #4: State your purpose early in the message.TIP #5: If you have many points to make, organize them with either bullet points or numbers. TIP #6: When you’re all finished. go back and edit your email. Run spell-check.
TIP #7: Always include your
contact information at the end of your email.
***Reply without delay**
Thank you and I’ ll get back to you soon.
2. How we can use the messenger with other people.
- Download messenger program from homepage.
ON 23 September
Search Engines & Online Resources
- Introduce various Search Engines : Google,
Alta Vista, Lycos, Ask Jeeves , Dogpile
* Practice figuring out key words and experiment searching
* The Differences between English and EFL/ESL
* School levels : K -12, and Prathom & Mattayom
* Language Skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary)
* Online Dictionary ; Wordnet 2.1, Longman
* Wikipedia
* Introduce the English Language Development Center of Education Ministry (ELDC)
* VOA Special English
* Retrieval contents and editing/printing
* Podcast for EFL/ES
ON 24 Setember

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